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Automate your ordering and invoicing processes with a spreadsheet that allows you to produce all required documentation at the click of a button. It can even email the documents to the relevant employee or client.


Do you have an existing spreadsheet that 'kind-of' does the job, but you find that you are getting increasingly frustrated with issues that it causes and time that it wastes?

An automated spreadsheet can save you from spreadsheet hell by stopping the need to duplicate information and allowing you to get Excel to do the manual work for you.



So much time can end up being wasted when having to manually produce reports.

Whether it's individual reports from employee surveys, client reports from site visits or an overview of your business, Excel can take away the pressure of having to regularly produce them.

Simply download a report containing the data (or enter it into a custom designed form) and allow Excel to take care of the rest. With a click of a button all your reporting needs can be met in no time at all.

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Virtual Analyst

For Ad Hoc jobs, sometimes you just need someone to do the work for you. This may be weekly, monthly or annually. Whatever the frequency, you can be confident that your requirements will met in a timely manner and to a very high standard.

Engage your own virtual analyst from £60 per hour.

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“Huge thanks Donna for the help that you provided with a working document for our charity. The adjustments that you incorporated have enabled me to carry out some much-needed sensitivity analysis on an ongoing basis. I especially appreciate that your questions to me were in non-jargon language and, as always, your natural, easy going nature shines through in all your correspondence.”

Dawn Waters