Spreadsheets that inspire and help you grow

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When you think of spreadsheets the first word that comes to mind is unlikely to be 'inspiring'. How about 'beautiful', 'amazing' and 'life-saving'? These are all words that have been used by current and past clients to describe spreadsheets created by Donna Scott Services.

Why Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets can be used for so much more than just number crunching. Project planning, emailing, client management, website scraping and business planning are just a few of the areas that have been revitalised by the setting up of automated, easy to use spreadsheets. With a well planned and well formatted spreadsheet you will be able to manage your business more efficiently, giving you back valuable time that you can use for business or pleasure.

Spreadsheets Without the Headaches

You probably already use spreadsheets in the day to day running of your business. But how often do you find yourself inputting the same information over and over into different areas? When you're in a rush, do you find it's that moment when formulas stop working or you can't figure out how to get the information that you so desperately need? This might be when you head over to Google with hope in your heart that it'll give you the answer you need, but this just leads to more confusion and frustration.


A custom designed spreadsheet could be the answer to your prayers.


Forget about learning all about the ins and outs of how spreadsheets work and what VBA coding is (think of it as the magic in the background) and get someone else to do all the ground work for you. With everything available at the touch of a button you won't need to scramble around for important information again.


Plus, you'll have your very own Excel expert at the end of the phone who can help guide and advise you if needed.

The Woman Behind the Spreadsheets

Hi, I'm Donna and I love spreadsheets so you don't have to (although I hope to change your opinion on this!) With over a decades experience of working with spreadsheets on a daily basis I'm passionate about helping people use them so they get the maximum benefit and, most of all, actually enjoy using them. I want to show people that spreadsheets don't need to be time consuming or hard to use and that they can actually help you grow your business without the need for expensive software.

Before having children I worked as a Data Manager within a school, making data accessible and easy to understand for teachers, the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body. It was here where my love of Excel started and continued to grow. After having a career break